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Premium UK Unwashed English Poppy Seeds ** PRICE DROP!!! LAST White Dot PALLET**

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We added 4oz samples & 8oz samples. This is for new customers, and current customers wanting a sample of the current lot.

Also if you already haven't, make an account with our Poppy Points program. you get $20 off & it'll grow with every order but also YOU GET A FREE SHIPPING COUPON! Sooo basically a Free sample =)

I saw there was someone searching on our site for samples, so I decided to make the option there. well enjoy!

Please handle with care and following washing/processing instructions.

Unwashed 100%, Raw, Unprocessed, Organic & Fresh From Our UK Farms! You Won't Find Seeds Like This ANYWHERE else.

We Pride Ourselves In Being The BEST On The Market, Especially The Online Market. Other Vendors Tend To Mix Their UK Seeds With Seeds From OTHER Origins.

These Seeds Are 90-95% Cheaper For THEM; For Example; Australian & Spanish Seeds. This allows them to "combat" Inflation.

To Make It Clear N' Simple.. We're The REAL DEAL 100%

** FREE Shipping on ALL orders over $599!! Still** (it’s an option at the end, you can still use a code/points!)

***With FREE Shipping, We do reserve the right to choose USPS Priority or UPS Ground;  whichever works out best for both of us, if you have a preference please leave a note if you’re doing free shipping so we know how to proceed***


These are the BEST seeds on the market! Guaranteed

These superior poppy seeds are ideal for planting, cooking and in some cases cosmetic use. 

Nutritional Benefits

Poppy seeds have many health benefits that include being a hearth healthy choice and can decrease levels of bad cholesterol. Eating poppy seeds and including them in your dishes can benefit your cognitive health due to the high levels of B vitamins it contains.  Poppy seeds also contain other minerals such as calcium and iron which can both promote stronger bones and help your muscles store oxygen. Poppy seeds pack a surprising punch of nutritional benefits that increase levels of fiber and antioxidants in any dish. Poppy seeds contain large amounts of minerals such as:

  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

These specific nutrients can produce healthy skin and red blood cells. Zinc specifically can protect your immune system and fight off bacteria that can hurt the body. Since poppy seeds are high in fiber, this aids in digestion and ensures you’ll stay full for hours without needing to grab unhealthy snacks in between meals. 


Waring: Poppy Seeds may contain opiate alkaloid residue. Adequate cleaning of the seeds can remove most opioid residue. Clean seeds by thoroughly washing them in very hot liquid (≥140°F) disposing of the liquid, and baking the seeds at 400°F to dry. Do not ingest poppy seed wash or liquid made from washing the poppy seeds; its ingestion is dangerous and may be fatal. Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental ingestion, call a doctor or poison control center immediately. SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
FDA Disclaimer: The following statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not specifically intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Jeremy Ladwig
New seeds great, shipping horrible

In my opinion this latest batch of white dot have been your best in awhile so thank you for that. I like going through you more than other companies because you have a more personal touch I feel and even though batches can be different quality it is never horrible. I ordered from a different site for half the price and once was great, once was just ok, and a couple times I felt nothing at all so I come back here and just do t order as much unless there is a good sale. I just have one question, why the hell is shipping so much?!?! I know it doesn’t cost $30 to ship a 1lb box! I get you need to make money but the shipping price is what will turn me, and several friends I have told about your site, away from ordering. Maybe don’t hav such a high flat rate or try to ship according to distance. Anything because $20-$30 for shipping is really just insane.

Kerry Kennedy
Pleasantly Pleased

I signed up and ordered the 1lb sale special with free shipping. I must say I was shocked and very happy with the quality. I have been a faithful customer at another company whose quality has really taken a dive lately. I remained there understanding fluctuating quality is the nature of the beast from one harvest to the next, but their seeds seem to be heavily diluted now with hardly any plant matter in the bag. I ordered another 1lb special again to see if the seeds here would be consistent and they were. I planned to order a couple pounds but was spooked at checkout due to the cost of shipping. I am used to paying 14 dollars for up to 4lb shipping, but that is for USPS not UPS. I had to give over 30 dollars some thought, so I ordered from the other guys again. I had never used my points over there yet despite spending for a couple pounds weekly since the beginning of the year. I logged in and didn't have a single point!.. I emailed sales asking what happened and if they could fix it. After a day passed I was told there was nothing they could do about my points but if I reminded them they would make my bag a little heavier on my next order. They acted as if I was trying to get away with something. I have ordered at least 50 lbs from them this year between myself and a group of bakers I know that I have introduced to the seeds as an alternative to the very processed baking supplies they previously used.
To wrap this up, I will say that FSBS have a far better product, a better rewards system, better deals and pop up sales and all together are better people. If being so much better is costing them more, at the end of the day I'd rather pay more to meet them half way instead of ordering from the other guys and being treated like s***. I would also like to apologize for ordering the 1lb special more than once, I was just feeling things out. I am already making up for it. I am happy I found you guys.

best seeds on the market

FSB has the best and highest quality seeds on the market. They're fresh, tasty, flavorful, and have an absolutely wonderful aroma. They're also remarkably consistent which is very difficult to do with this type of product. FSB is extremely reliable when it comes to shipping and orders arrive very quickly. Customer service is also outstanding -- especially compared with other vendors. The only downside I can think of are the prices but if you're patient a sale will come along that makes ordering much more affordable. The rewards program also helps a lot with the prices so there are multiple ways to get the best seeds on the market for a good price. I'm glad to have found this company. Baked goods with FSBs seeds taste far better than with anyone else's. You won't be disappointed when you order from FSB.

BEST SEEDS, but have a ?

I absolutely love the white dot seeds!!!! I have a ? about poppy points. Some sales say 3 times the points, sometimes even 10 times the points. What does that mean? I don’t notice difference when I use mine. Also, I hope it was a mistake that will be fixed, but my birthday was October 7th and I haven’t received mine yet. Anyway, I’d never gamble buying from anyone else. These guys are so solid and I appreciate them! Take care!!!

Hey, please email us about the birthday we can fix that easy no problem bud. Are far as 10x etc you earn 1 point per dollar spent on a normal day. 10x Essentially means that you were getting 10% back and points to spend later.
Please email customer service or we can fix your issues thank you so much for shopping with us we appreciate you!!


They're great

They're strong but they're not worth the price. I won't name drop the other company because I know there's beef but i will say this it only takes me 1.5 oz of FSB seeds for my food to taste as great as 2oz from the other guys, but even after the cheapest shipping at FSB the price per lb comes out to twice as much as the other guys. So price per strength of the taste I'm gonna have to stick the other guys. But no doubt FSB has the tastier seeds. Just doesn't make sense price wise for me.

Check out out during the holiday season coming. Lots of positive changes for customers including pricing. Truthfully we’ve doubled since January on what WE pay.. the markets changing. If I mixed 25% Aus seeds I can get for $2 I’ll lower the price to $30 and free shipping. Instead I send out the best we can for a price we can afford. 1.5 vs 2oz doesn’t sound like much but it’s 25% different, deceitful and kind of greedy if you ask me even though I get accused of the same thing, and lastly the origin that they’re claiming is it real and I don’t think that’s cool at all. I appreciate you recognizing that we do have a better quality and I do plan on bringing him better prices but all at once I got everything thrown at me with inflation general price raises and so much more. We’ve been in business for just over two years let’s call it growing pains but that’s ok, we’re growing learning and adapting to the market. I totally get if you have to go elsewhere and I don’t blame you I always say please shop where you’re happy please shop where they meet your needs but stay on my email list you never know when I’m going to do a $20 a pound sell with free shipping. It might not happen often but it happens. Or maybe it’s five dollar shipping in $22 pounds. Typically when I first get a truckload I unload a full pallet that way. If you’ve shopped with me for a certain amount of time then you’ve noticed it I’m sure. Thank you so much for your feedback it is being taken into the consideration and we are doing our best to combat inflation of everything for boxes to tape to shipping price of seeds the bags we out them in. It’s all up 30-45% and everything in between is too.. and to be honest I would love to give my employees raises just because the inflation needs a balance for them and they are paid decently but if inflation goes up 40% with just about every commodity is it decent anymore? I’m all about taking care of everybody for my employees to my customers to my friends and my family. I just want you to recognize that I recognize price change needs to happen through reality is every quarter typically they bump us up… and believe it or not I was making more money in 2021 charging 20 to 25 a pound and $15-$18 for shipping. Things have changed a big time in every industry and in every commodity. And if you’ve shopped anywhere you’ve noticed and it comes from the people who import they’re the ones who make the prices and I can haggle and work something out but I have two choices go with it or quit what would you like me to do? Personally I just keep adapting to the market and the prices that I’m given on everything and the cost that has me of doing business not all businesses like this have employees a lot of them are shipping out of their garage or the extra room at their house by themselves and then their wives are packing orders. Our situation is a little bit more professional we have a nice warehouse we have dedicated employees that are on salary we have called employees for when they have sick days, and we have someone that does nothing but answer customer service emails why? That’s what makes us efficient I asked someone today who was complaining about prices ironically why why would you shop with us if you claim other stores are just as good and cheaper and his answer after my 37 paragraph email of explaining why prices have gone in every direction, “well the quality is definitely the best on the market I know if I make an order it’s goin out same day before 4pm est cutoff.” No 48 hour wait time for processing also we don’t add money on for Saturday shipping we typically lower the price that day to make sure people that just get paid on Friday can get their orders on Saturday I do the same thing on Thursday for the same reasons everything I do there’s a method behind my madness I promise whether it’s a short term plan or a long-term plan but my plan is to be here for the long term. If you would like me to buy a pallet of Australian seeds and mix them 25% in the UK seeds and match your current suppliers prices with the different dots so you know the difference and you know what it is you’re buying. I will do that for you because it sounds like that’s what’s already happening with others and you're content, and it sounds like you like to shop with us so if that’s what it takes go ahead and email customer service and ask for my information and we can talk, I’m 100%. The last thing I ever wanna do is water something down I always said that I would always charge more before I water down but if that’s being requested I will do that but I will do it separately so there’s always a premium option I’ve been in other markets that weren’t quite as legitimate and I always cut my quality the highest, and I always will because I pride myself in at least trying to be the best once again thank you so much I appreciate the honest feedback and I hope you have a wonderful wonderful weekend please email customer service if you would like to talk about anything just let them know we talked through reviews and I requested that you get my information meaning my email personal I check it daily and I will get back to you quickly and we can chat.
Thanks for the review and all your business so far!